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Finger Guns

 A hyper-sexual, bisexual club loving woman that can’t pull women, as their queer player façade slips they desperately try to hold onto their identify.

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Finger Guns'


The story of Finger Gun’s came from my own personal experience of not feeling queer enough. Addison is me; I am a proud bisexual with very little sexual experience with my own sex and that used to feel very isolating. Queer people are already considered an “other” is society so when they feel like they're not enough in the community they have found home in it can be devasting. However, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Throughout the process of writing the script I spoke to many of my queer friends about the theme of “not feeling queer enough” and every single one of them told me their own struggles and stories of how they did not feel as if they fit in the community. Many of these stories and anecdotes wove themselves into the film as production went on. I have used the character Ella as my own voice speaking and reassuring other queer people and my past self that they are enough. Making Finger Guns has made me feel closer to my community than I have ever felt before. My biggest hope is that other LGBTQA+ people will watch our short film and feel the same.

Behind the scenes

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